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Anti-Hijacking & Policing SA

(Independent Law Enforcement Organization)



The NATIONAL ANTI-HIJACKING POLICE t/a Anti-Hijacking & Policing SA is a specialized Anti-Hijacking Unit which deals with anything and everything that criminals have to offer. This crime fighting organization is there to serve the public and communities, affected by organized crime.

We have an extraordinary track record for fighting crime and hijacking situationsvehicle recoveries, drug busts, armed robberies and high-risk arrests.

The Unit will continue with its specialized operations to foil criminal activities in progress and bring those involved to book. Anti- Hijacking & Policing SA will also continue to do its own patrols to create a “policing” presence as we contribution to fight crime and to assist the public.

South Africa is one of the most violent democracies in the world, with 71 murders a day, and one police officer killed every 36 hours.

A total of 5,866 hijackings were reported across the country over the period April and June 2023 – a 14% increase from the 5,146 hijackings reported over the same period in 2022.


Hijackings is a significant problem in South Africa, where it is called hijacking. South Africa is thought to have the highest hijacking rate in the world. There were 16,000 reported hijackings in 1998. The figures dropped to 12,434 reported hijackings in 2005, and continued to drop until 2011 to 2012, when the number of hijackings was 9,475, a record low

Subsequently, however, hijackings increased as part of an overall increase in violent organized crime. There were 11,221 reported hijackings in 2014. More than half of all hijackings in South Africa occurred in Gauteng province, which includes Johannesburg and Pretoria and yet to date, in 2024 hijackings in South Africa increased with 11.9%

Hijackings is a robbery in which a motor vehicle is taken over. In contrast to car theft, hijackings is usually in the presence and knowledge of the victim. A common crime in many places in the world, hijackings has been the subject of legislative responses, criminology studies, and prevention efforts. Commercial vehicles such as trucks and armoured cars containing valuable cargo are common targets of hijackings attempts.

Hijackings usually involves physical violence to the victim or using the victim as a hostage. In rare cases, hijackings may also involve sexual assault.