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About Us


Anti-Hijacking and Policing SA is a nine-man team that was born out of ex SAPS and SANDF members that have served in specialized units and is empowered by the CRIMINAL PROCEDURES ACT OF SOUTH AFRICA. Section 42 of the Criminal Procedure Act of 1977 to implement law enforcement activities.

Anti-Hijacking and Policing SA has a HIGH-RISK UNIT to deal with hijackings and other HIGH-RISK criminal activities. We have formed good working relationships with Crime Intelligence and other Organized Crime Units.

Some of our relationships includes:


Persons/entities/companies and corrupt law enforcement members will be reported to the relevant Law Enforcement Authorities. This may include reporting the incidents to the Area Commanders of the South African Police Services (SAPS), Metro Police, DPCI (Hawks). Those who are guilty of such activities, will face prosecution in terms of the CRIMINAL PROCEDURES ACT.

Individual/s, companies found tampering with crime scenes e.g., hijacking scenes, robberies, theft, human trafficking, motor vehicle accidents and so forth will also be charged and reported to the relevant Law Enforcement Authorities as per the above.

Anti-Hijacking & Policing SA’s Crime related duties may include the arrest of suspects and anyone who tries to interfere with such arrests and/or other Law Enforcement duties will face the full swing of the law.

Anti-Hijacking and Policing SA has a very high success rate with crime combating and its mission is to continue in such a manner.

Anti-Hijacking and Policing SA has access to Legal Advisors, Attorneys, Advocates and other well-known Legal Firms when ever we need legal assistance from well known experts.