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Anti-Hijacking & Policing SA was established in 2020 by Marius Cloete, he served in the South African Police Service from 1995 to 2013 in a specialized rapid reaction unit and was also working with other specialized units like organized crime and murder, and robbery unit. During his time, he obtained a lifetime of experience in crime combating.

In 2020 Marius Cloete realized the need of an independent unit that can assist Law Enforcement with crime combating and assist with crime scene management to ensure that individuals don’t disturb any evidence that can be useful leads to positive arrests.

The decision to register a legal entity to contribute to the safety of the public by combating all levels of crime in Gauteng and Mpumalanga, at this stage we were still a PTY LTD entity registered with CIPC.

We faced many challenges financially, since the work we do and the service to the public is FREE of charge and all the expenses came out of our own pockets like, fuel, vehicle maintenance, equipment, uniforms and so forth.

In 2024 the call was made to register an NPC which was done under the name, NATIONAL ANTI – HIJACKING POLICE (NPC) which is trading under our name that we became popular, ANTI-HIJACKING & POLICING SA

Our Role in Public Safety:

Ninety percent of our work that we do, we do in conjunction with the South African Police Service and other Law Enforcement Agencies. We use specialized units witch members are handpicked to ensure that there are no corruption and bribery involved when arrests get made. This is one of the reasons why we have a big success rate when it comes to crime combating.

Our most important goal is to assist and to protect the public against violent criminal elements and to put the safety of the public first, other than security companies that use and misuse the combating of crime to enrich themselves financially. We have a handful of dedicated members that offer their own free time to help us to make a difference in the combating of crime and to contribute to make South Africa a safer place for us, the community, and the children.

We practice a zero tolerance to any form of crime, and we make sure that the perpetrators pay the ultimate price in the court of law. We have assisted the police in many high-profile cases, like the Michael Jacobus Willemans case, he was wanted for more than two years and six months, we were working alongside of Welkom detectives for the hole above period and then finally we as ANTI-HIJACKING & POLICING SA made the arrest. We have recently been invited to the Huisgenoot Ware Lewensdramas show with Faffa Nel the producer of the program that was on Dstv Channel 147 on the 8 April 2024


Our Goal:


We want to take serious action against the following crimes that are taking place daily:

Business Robberies / Armed Robberies



Drug dealings which occur in business complexes

Theft of motor vehicles in business complexes

General Drug Trafficking (to keep the children safe of such negative exposure)

To try and prevent the events of CIT robberies in this town or to foil the event, because these robbers are ruthless and don’t care about human life, how dies or get seriously injured during such an event.

Recruitment and Training

Our next goal is to recruit volunteers and to train them tactically to our standards. We are aiming to have a 30-man tactical team that will deal with all the above matters on a professional, but also on a zero-tolerance level.