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Anti-Hijacking & Policing SA’s Mandate read as follows:


Anti-Hijacking & Policing SA does not prevent crime, as an organization we aim to combat crime at all levels and to bring the perpetrators to book.

We do not prosecute cases but do assist the investigating officers / Nasional Prosecuting Authority with enough evidence or information regarding a case to have the suspects prosecuted successfully by law.

Assisting Law Enforcement with the uphold of public safety and ensure a safer community.

To fight corruption and to have corrupt elements arrested and prosecuted.

Assisting and tracking of wanted suspect.

Assisting all Law Enforcement Agencies if needed to uphold the South African Law.

Combating serious and violent crimes.

Gathering intelligence regarding violent crimes that are planned to be exercised by criminals and to foil such actions.

Performing High Risk Arrests: Suspects that spike the highways, hijackers, armed robbers, and anything that are a direct threat to the safety of the public.

ANTI-HIJACKING & POLICING SA is a specialized Anti-Hijacking Unit which deals with anything and everything that criminals have to offer. This crime fighting organization is there to serve the public and communities, affected by organized crime..

Anti-Hijacking and Policing SA has a very high success rate with crime combating and its mission is to continue in such a manner.